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These are a few of our most asked questions to help you better understand how to visit Fun Factory

Can I walk in to play during your business hours?

Yes!  Our business hours are open to the public for general admission.  You can buy a ticket in advance if you'd like on the website to speed up your process at the door, but reservations are not required.

Do you charge for adults?

Fun Factory does not currently charge for adults.  This may change in the future, but for now all adults are free.

Do I have to stay with my child?

Yes.  You must supervise your child at all times while at Fun Factory

Can I bring in food?

Yes. For your comfort and convenience we encourage families to pack a snack or lunch for their visit.  You can picnic in our cafe room.  Please be kind and avoid nuts for the safety of others.  

Where can I park?

.We have street parking available outside of our building, as well as on the right side of Perkins St.  There is a small lot across the street, but please do not block the gate to the equipment.  If you need more parking there is also public parking in the lot next to Crispi's.  It is about a 30 second walk to Fun Factory from public parking.  Its sounds sill, but PLEASE DO NOT PARK BLOCKING OUR DOOR.

 Fun Factory

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