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Heading 4


اختر خطتك السعرية

  • Summer pass- 1 child

    Includes unlimited visits for one child June 15th to September 1st
    • Family summer pass- 4 children

      Unlimited visits June 15th- September 1st for up to 4 children per visit Friends allowed
      • PRESCHOOL PASS per child SEPT-JUNE

        كل شهر
        Sept-June 2024 Includes unlimited visits before 3pm Monday-Friday
        • Open play weekdays before 3pm
        • All preschool activities
      • Homeschool pass per child SEPT-JUNE

        كل شهر
        Sept-June Weekdays before 3pm Includes homeschool events
        • Open play weekdays before 3pm
        • Homeschool activities and events
      • After school pass per child SEPT-JUNE

        كل شهر
        Weekdays after 3pm Includes all afternoon open play times and after school activities and events
        • Open play times weekdays after 3pm
        • After school events and activities
      • All access pass SEPT-JUNE per child

        Includes all open play hours Weekdays and weekends All activities and events
        • Open play times
        • Weekdays and weekends
        • Preschool events
        • Homeschool events
        • After school events
        • Weekend events

       Fun Factory

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      The Ultimate Fun Experience

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